What is Nutrigenomics?

Do you have an uncontrolled desire to eat everything in sight 3 to 4 times per week? Do you have a hard time passing by the bread basket without thinking about it for the rest of the day? Or maybe you crave sweets every day around the same time?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we may have an answer as to why you keep failing at being at your nutrition. The answer may be already living inside of you—you’re DNA, that is, and the study of gene’s known as nutrigenomics.

The nitty gritty of nutrigenomics seems simple. “It’s the study and branch of genetic research of how foods affect our genes…”  After testing is performed, our DNA can show us why we crave certain foods, what to stay away from, and how a nutrition plan can be designed for you that works in conjunction with your DNA.

In Control Once and For All

Designing a diet based on our blood type and metabolism, you say? Yes, Life Wellness Forever can do this for you.

After your test results come back, we can determine a diet that specifically aligns with your genetics and design a nutrition plan based on what your body needs. You will have more energy.  You will manage your weight better. You will be in control with the knowledge of how your body process foods once and for all.

For example, If you’re battling uncontrolled hunger, you may lack the FTO gene, which produces a protein that helps control your desire to eat everything in sight.  Are you sluggish and bloated? You may be gluten intolerant and have not connected the dots.

By determining how our dietary needs align with our genetics, you will find meal planning and nutrition, in general, easier to manage. That means your weight will be more in control and you will feel better from the foods you eat. Because let’s get real, if you’ve been winging this nutrition thing, you probably don’t realize that your body is serious lacking vital nutrient needed to ward off diseases and chronic illnesses.

The Advantages of Nutrigenomics

Life Wellness Forever offers hormone testing to assess our clients and formulate a diet plan designed specifically for you. These tests provide a wealth of benefits and guidelines you can use, such as:

  • Illness and disease- Health-related issues specifically pertaining to your DNA can be revealed with Nutrigenomics and help you avoid foods that might trigger inflammation and other disease promoting foods.

  • Allergies- Gain a better understanding of how your body responds to certain foods and what your system can tolerate. You will also learn if your body has certain sensitives to foods like gluten and dairy.

  • Triggers and Behaviors– Craving sugar or feeling bloated? If you have a constant sweet tooth, contestant bloating after eating certain foods, or a never full feeling, Nutrigenomics can help identify what might be triggering these behaviors.

  • Match Type– When you learn your genetic diet type, you have the power to fuel your body with what it needs to perform at its best. Including what vitamins, you should be taking.

  • High HDL & LDL’s- Fight high cholesterol and diabetes with Nutrigenomics- Don’t let your DNA decide how you metabolize fats and sugars. Get in front of these diseases with a controlled diet.


Our Test

Our simple test will help us reveal your personalized genetic nutrition profile, including the ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats for your body, as well as how to make proactive decisions regarding diet, exercise, & lifestyle based on your DNA.

You’ll also gain insight into your genetic predisposition for exercise to get the most benefit from endurance and strength training.

If you’re interested in learning how we can use your genetics to determine the right diet for you, contact us. Complete our form on the website here, email us or call to speak us today. We can help you!

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ELISA finger-prick blood IgG4 & IGE testing.

Sample collection kit.

Nutrition Consult with meal plan, food diary, and supplement suggestions based on results.