I wanted to talk briefly on hormones and bloat. If you are holding extra weight around the middle and noticing cellulite for the first time, I have been there and it was an imbalance in hormones and I was consuming way too many vegetables that made my stomach swell. Post menopause since 23, so I do understand your frustrations. My cortisol was through the roof because of stress and everything I ate went to my stomach. Also another key point is bloat from foods we aren’t digesting correcting. Start food journaling and pay attention to your body after meals. If you are struggling with extra body-fat in your stomach:
1️⃣ Get your hormones checked, especially cortisol levels which can only be tested through saliva.
2️⃣ Eliminate foods causing bloat, food allergy test is a great way to see what foods your body doesn’t digest well.
3️⃣ Detox diet for a few days to for liver, kidney, and gut health.