Matcha is hot on my list right now. I have been listening and reading to all the health benefits of this powdered green tea and decided to do a little research to share with you. I’m not completely ditching the coffee but ready to add this into my daily diet.

Did you know Matcha has 137x more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea?

One serving of matcha tea is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea.

Check out these benefits of drinking Matcha!

  • Loaded with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg
  • Revs up the metabolism and turns you into a calorie burning machine
  • Detoxes naturally
  • High in fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins
  • Improves mood and elevates concentration
  • High in Vitamin C and important minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, and chromium
  • Helps to prevent illness and disease
  • Helps to control blood sugar and aids in lowering cholesterol

This green powder is backed with nutritional benefits and has more antioxidants than any other ‘superfood’.

Here are some other benefits of Matcha:

  • Caffeine- keeps you alert
  • L-Theanine- relax, concentration, and focus
  • Increases thermogenesis to help burn 4x more calories
  • Natural detox from the richness of chlorophyll
  • Provides energy without the jitters

    Ready to take a big sip? You can add this green powder to oatmeal, smoothies, water, and your protein shakes.

    I ordered mine today and will keep you posted on my personal health benefits.

Drink up and enjoy and let me know what you think!


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